VALLEY FLIERS  Of Auburn Washington

Partnership Information

5/1/2018 - Waiting list closed till further notice.  Current wait list time estimate is 2 years.  Valley Fliers will update this page when waiting list re-opened.

1/1/2017 Update:

There are currently no membership shares available. Membership consideration and processing has been suspended until membership shares become available. Check back here often for updates.


- Online scheduling through
- All four aircraft are certified for VFR and IFR operations
- Aircraft usage fees are 30%-60% less than renting, and far less than sole-ownership
- Actual fuel costs credited towards flight time (This means you can get fuel anywhere and receive credit for the actual amount spent) 
- No daily minimum flight times
- No limit on length of extended trips
- Monthly invoice emailed and snail mailed to each partner for previous months flying expenses and dues
- Monthly partner meetings near Auburn Municipal Airport
- Free flight time awarded at each monthly partner meeting
- Office next to aircraft has computer with internet for pre-flight planning and classroom use
- Access to flight instructors in the partnership for training and currency
- Access to other partners to share flights and expenses
- Each partner covered under extensive AVEMCO insurance policy
- 30% discount on most King Schools courses
- A general surplus fund in excess of $100,000 for maintenance, upgrades and aircraft purchases (financial reports available at each meeting or upon request for prospective partners)


- Limited to 60 concurrent partners
- Partnership share purchase...............$2000
- Maintenance fund fee........................ $500
- Total membership buy-in....................$2500
- $2000 will be returned upon share being sold to a new prospective partner.
- $75.00 monthly dues. Covers recurring expenses such as hangars, office, insurance and fixed aircraft expenses.
- Pilot proficiency program requires 1 hour of flight per month or an assessment of $82.00 will be billed for each month /of non-flying. This amount is prorated for any partial flight time not equaling at least 1 hour of Hobbs time.
- All aircraft time is charged based on the Hobbs meter.

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