VALLEY FLIERS  Of Auburn Washington
Washington's Premier Flying Club

Items to Note:
** New Member Consideration and Processing Currently Suspended **
See Partnership page for details

Valley Fliers is a Washington state non-profit corporation established in 1986 for pilots that want to take advantage of the benefits of aircraft co-ownership. Partnership in Valley Fliers offers access to well equipped, mechanically sound and cost efficient aircraft. Our maintenance plans exceed FAA requirements to ensure each aircraft is maintained to the highest standards. We are based at Auburn Municipal Airport (S50).

The daily operations of Valley Fliers are carefully managed by the partner elected executive board, which heavily relies on the input of each partner. As a partner, you have direct input on decisions regarding budget, spending, aircraft modifications and maintenance. A monthly meeting ensures you are afforded the opportunity to provide your input and ask any questions regarding your aircraft. We invite you to explore our site for additional information and contact us directly to inquire about available partnership shares.

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